Production Services

Fixer Production Services

From film permits to equipment rental or finding the right crew for you, Fixer Jordan has your back. Therefore, we promise you an unforgettable experience, with stunning backdrops and top production assistance. As a result, filming in Jordan with us translates as top-notch support services that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Fixer Production Services

Production Assistance In Jordan

Filming in Jordan allows you to bring to life mystical stories. Adventure, action, myths, all fit like a glove in the stunning locations here. Thanks to its climate and political stability, Jordan is growing in popularity. Often simulating backdrops from neighboring countries, the Kingdom is becoming more film-friendly. And with the right production assistance in Jordan, things only get better.

Our list of services includes:

  • Initial research & fact-checking
  • Film permits, paperwork & local access
  • Gear rental offers
  • Film locations scouting
  • Film crew & local contributors sourcing
  • Logistics, including transportation & accommodation
  • Production support for foreign journalists & filmmakers

To make the most of all the opportunities available, count us in. Fixer Jordan’s professionals offer full support to any production company filming here. Firstly, we strive to give you access to all the resources you need. Secondly, for any type of video concept you plan to shoot here, our team of experts is available from day one. And last, but not least, our nationwide network of partners helps us supply top production assistance in Jordan. No matter if you are filming in the middle of the desert or by the shores of the Red Sea, we are there for you.