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Jordan’s landscape is mostly dominated by ancient monuments, seaside resorts and natural reserves. All of these can be a great backdrop for video production, as long as you have the proper support. Teaming up with Fixer Jordan means you get full access to the ultimate local resources. Gear, crew, film permits and more are all part of our portfolio.Fixer Jordan

Capture stunning UNESCO Heritage Sites, one of the World Wonders, on film. Trust our location  manager to guide your steps among the ruins of the cities. Explore the most unique angles and use top-of-the-line equipment. Thanks to our nation-wide network of partners, you get full access to everything you need. Working with Fixer Jordan opens a whole new world of opportunities for filmmakers.

And if you are a foreign journalist covering a story here, get in touch. Our services address the needs of news reporters as well. Having an experienced cameraman or getting a reliable source on a lead matter. Trust us to be your journalist fixer in Jordan and step up your game. Find your ally in us and get top results in production for your news report or motion picture.

Stand out of the crowd and avoid staying in line for approval. Allow us to give you a hand with the formalities. This way, your shooting schedule will not get delayed. Enjoy recording more and worry less about resource management. If you are considering filming in Jordan, drop us a message.

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Jordan

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Working on a video production is a demanding process that takes plenty of time and energy. To help foreign filmmakers get access to all the resources they need, Fixer Jordan is here.

Our all-encompassing production assistance can be the ace up your sleeve. Filming in Jordan will feel a lot less stressful when you have us by your side. Explore the ruins of ancient cities or get b-roll in the desert. We can reveal the mystery behind every location and assist you with the paperwork.

The main reason why you should consider teaming up with Fixer Jordan is efficiency. We strive to deliver top services for our clients, at the most convenient rates. Save yourself from the hassle of running after suppliers. Invest your time and energy into capturing the most stunning shots.

And let us prove to you why we are a leading film fixer in Jordan. Our dedication and professionalism recommend us. We know this country’s landscapes will leave you in awe. So we make sure you don’t have to wonder if something is missing on set. Focus on getting the true essence of the culture and places when filming in Jordan. Whether you choose the Rose City or the shores of the Dead Sea, we have your back. While you shoot the most telegenic locations, we ensure you have the right equipment and crew. Work with us and you will understand what makes us such a reliable film fixer in Jordan.

Get ready, choose the set, action! Fixer Jordan is at your service!


Filming In Jordan With Us

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A vibrant country in the Middle East, Jordan features a variety of jaw-dropping spots. Our location scout knows them inside out and will gladly show you the way. Take the scenic route to the ancient city of Petra. Or take some shots with the clear water of the Dead Sea as a backdrop. As daring as your ideas may be, filming in Jordan with us is all about enlarged horizons.

Put no limitations on your creativity and get unlimited access to local resources. Get ready to shoot, as soon as you get the film permit. The expert team at Fixer Jordan will help you handle the hassle of paperwork in no time.

We’ll have the gear set for you on time, on the spot. And if your team has missing members, we know exactly where to find the most reliable crew for hire.

Filming in Jordan may sound appealing, but keep in mind there are also some procedures to follow. Respecting the local legislation is essential for a smooth filming operation. As a local team of fixers, no one will know better than us the insights of every formality. Application schedule, fees, conditions, incentive schemes, we keep an eye on everything. This way, we can provide all-encompassing production assistance. All this, without forcing you to rob a bank. We understand how the budget might shrink when you film in a location as popular as this.

Fixer Jordan provides services that match your needs and budget. Contact us for more details!

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